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Best Portable Storage Company in Annapolis

Posted on: February 13, 2017

Getting a storage unit to protect and preserve your belongings can be quite a chore. Contacting the business, loading up your things (in as many loads as it takes), unloading them into storage–the whole thing is just sort of no fun. But what if you could cut out the majority of that list? What if all you needed to do was make the call? Well, you can! SMARTBOX provides top-class storage solutions that come to you!

Reserve your portable storage solutions in Annapolis online today!

What is Portable Storage?

Mostly your answer is in the name, but at the same time portable storage is a whole lot more. When you choose portable storage in Annapolis with SMARTBOX, we take the storage to you, where it can be loaded at your leisure. Store in advance, store on a tight schedule, no matter your needs our SMARTBOX storage systems are always here and ready to serve.

Our portable storage is an innovative means of giving you the space and storage you need, any time you need it. SMARTBOX storage is safe, secure, and very importantly, highly mobile! Once loaded, your storage can be taken off-site to our secure, temperature-controlled facilities, be moved, or can remain on site for your use.

The Advantages of SMARTBOX Storage in Annapolis

So, what’s all the fuss about? Well, it’s really about providing you with flexibility and options–two things traditional storage sorely lacks. When you choose our portable storage, you’ll get:

  • Ample storage space. Each unit is 8 feet deep by 7 feet tall by 5 feet wide, holding roughly half a room’s items comfortably. Not enough? An easy fix! We can supply as much portable storage as you need, guaranteed.
  • Secure storage. Our storage is secured with butterfly clamps and a fitted hasp for placing a padlock of your choosing, allowing you to ensure the security of your devices for certain.
  • Temperature-controlled solutions. Storing sensitive items can be a bit challenging, but our temperature-controlled facilities are up to the task. Our facility ensures no excess humidity, leaking, moisture, sun or wind damage, or temperature extremes will ever impact your stored items.
  • Options. With the flexibility of our portable storage, we can offer a wide array of comprehensive services to ensure your needs are met no matter what. Short-distance moves, long-hauls, seasonal storage, storing for events; you name it, we can do it!
  • Your own schedule. Our portable storage can be supplied to your Annapolis home or business when you need it. Reserve your storage weeks before a move, so you can organize and secure at your own pace. Or reserve our storage last-minute for a quick solution to a complex problem. Our team always have you covered, and wants nothing more than to ensure you get the care and service you deserve.

Annapolis Portable Storage Solutions with SMARTBOX

Ready to gain the advantages of storage that comes to you, and is always available when you need it? Contact SMARTBOX today to reserve portable storage for your Annapolis needs! Our experts are always at hand, and we can help you find the ideal portable storage solution to meet your unique needs!

"Hello Chantel, I am writing to express my pleasure in being a customer of SMARTBOX. You have a wonderful and efficient product but I have been most impressed with the quality of the employees. Everyone I have spoken with or come into contact with at.
-Nick M
"Nick, I wanted to again say thank you for working with us for a discount on the Smartbox. I also wanted to tell you that both of the ladies I have spoken with in the office and the driver who dropped off the box were.
-Angela C.
"Selling Real Estate in a competitive market requires much more than installing a sign in the yard and putting an ad in the paper. Today’s sellers must show their homes in their very best light … and what that means is CLEARING OUT THE CLUTTER..
-Carrie Mock,
"I arrived home last night from an extended Thanksgiving trip to be welcomed by your beautiful gift package of goodies from Harry & David – what a delightful surprise! In fact, as I told Gretchen in an e-mail late last night, I couldn’t resist immediately.
"We cannot speak more highly of the incredible level of customer service that we have received from SMARTBOX Maryland - beginning with Natasha advising us to the best value from among promotions you were offering at the time, to your kind assistance and advice during.
-T. & M. Kitch
"Nick Sage of SMARTBOX Portable Storage, performed a miracle for me and one of my clients at the very end of June, when all movers were having their busiest week. My client had arranged for U-Haul to deliver storage boxes to her house the day.
-Emily M.
"You should advertise more! I am so glad I came across your service when I did. I saved so much money by doing it myself. I will never rent a truck again. This is so much easier!"
-J. Pollard
"We are new to being parents of a college student. We had no idea how much time and energy it takes just to get her set up in the dorm room! When we moved our daughter out of the dorm last year, we had to.
-D. Raines
"Thank you for your donation of six SMARTBOXES for the residents that were displaced by the fire on December 12, 2006. The residents had so many donations of furniture and clothing and had no place to store it. This was the perfect solution for everyone!.
-Karen Brown
"SMARTBOX's sponsorship is a wonderful example of the cooperative partnership that is so important to help us meet the challenges of saving the Bay."
-Pamela Wilson
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