Portable Storage Units in MD

When you're looking for a unique, simple, and effective storage solution in Maryland, you need look no further than the portable storage system offered by SMARTBOX! Portable storage offers you storage solutions that come directly to you, making storing fast, easy, and on your schedule.

SMARTBOX has been offering clients all throughout Maryland the best in storage service for years. We bring you the cost-effective and comfortable solution you need to finish your possessions storage projects, and with the SMARTBOX team at your side, you'll never need another storage service.

Want to find out more about portable storage, or ready to reserve your portable storage units? Contact our team online today, or feel free to give us a call at 800-210-2317!

What is Portable Storage?

Unlike traditional storage methods, portable storage comes directly to you, delivered by our service team. These innovative and versatile units can be kept on-site for as long as you need them. When you wrap up loading them, we'll come back and pick the unit up, transporting to our on-site, temperature controlled storage facilities.

The Benefits of Portable Storage in MD

What advantages does choosing a portable storage system provide? Quite a lot, actually! Choosing portable storage form SMARTBOX means:

  • Less work for you. We take the sting out of storing, offering you a product that can be delivered right to your door. No more loading up truck after truck, hauling off, unloading,and then doing it all over again. Just a simple delivery, a load up, and then we do the rest!
  • Versatile storage solutions. Portable storage in MD can be kept at your home or business for short-term storage, taken to our long term storage facilities, and can even be used for events and quick business space solutions. You've got the right tool, or service, to suit the job, guaranteed.
  • Easy, stress-free moving. Moving tends to be a hassle for homeowners--but it doesn't have to be. Our portable units make moving easy, delivering storage right to you when you need it, and on your schedule. When you've loaded up, our storage units can be delivered safely, reliably, and with ease.
  • Secure, dependable storage. Featuring a weatherproof exterior and a solid wood construction, portable units from SMARTBOX keep your stored items safe and secure til you need them next.

Portable Storage Services in Maryland

When you're looking for a storage solution, be it for a move, a home renovation, a business venture, or anything else at all, you can rely on SMARTBOX to provide you with the best. Our portable storage features an array of unique advantages, designed with your needs in mind, including:

  • Plenty of space - Easily accommodating up to 3,500 pounds of stored items, our portable units can hold roughly one and a half room's worth. That means plenty of space for any project--and if not, we're happy to provide additional storage as needed.
  • Durability - Sturdy wood frame construction means our portable units are tough stuff, and add in the waterproof outer layer, and you know well that your items are safe and secure.
  • Safety - At roughly a half foot off of the ground, our storage units are easy and safe to access, making loading simple and stress free.
  • Security - Units are equipped with double clamps, and the exterior hasp can be fitted with a padlock for additional safety and security for your items.

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Portable storage containers from SMARTBOX are the perfect solution if you are looking for local moving solutions, storage pods, seasonal storage facilities for college students, or just space to store extra stuff. Our residential users include self storage rental users, people moving local or for long distance moving, homeowners wishing to remodel or repair, people looking for mobile storage solutions, people selling or buying a home, apartment residents, college students, military personnel, empty nesters, people moving to a temporary residence and people who need temporary on site storage or door to door storage. SMARTBOX is also an excellent solution for the following business storage uses: retailers with seasonal excess inventory, document storage, office remodelers, flooring contractors & painters, garage remodelers, water & fire damage specialists, companies who need to move, residential property managers, apartment community leasing agents, corporate relocation companies, movers, real estate professionals, home stagers and event organizers. Avoid the hassles associated with truck rental, compare the competition and contact us today!

We are also proud to serve Washington DC and the following counties in Virginia: Fairfax, Fauquier, Arlington, Loudoun, Prince William, and Stafford.

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